To My Horse – Namaste

Horses are the air that I breathe.

From the time I was a young girl, I have always been in love with horses. I fell head over heels for their deep, liquid eyes, their smell, their movement and elegance. As I got older and started riding I fell in love with the freedom that I experience when I’m holding the reins and the empowerment that comes from partnering with this bold and beautiful animal.

I am an introvert and a compassionate empath, making human interaction a sometimes stressful and emotional experience for me. I have always connected on a little deeper level with horses than other people. While I can intuitively sense their emotions and read their expressions, they don’t drain my energy like other human beings. When I’m around bad human energy, I can feel my life-force drain like a steady drip from a leaky faucet. Conversely, when I sense bad energy, or distress or anxiety in a horse, it feeds my energy to change that horse’s emotion to something positive, further connecting and binding me to that animal in spirit.

I have turned to horses in my darkest times to heal my soul and I have reached my lowest lows when I have been separated from this essential part of myself. Like a fish out of water, I cannot survive without them. The more I open my mind and heart center through practices like meditation & yoga, the more I recognize that interacting with horses is a spiritual experience for me. Whether I am massaging, grooming, ground-working or riding, I connect to a very deep-seated and peace-filled place within myself when I am sharing an energy space with a horse.

“Namaste” is a salutation used in yoga practice that essentially means “the divine in me recognizes the divine in you.” There are many interpretations of the word’s meaning, and while namaste is typically a spoken greeting or goodbye between two people, for me it is a feeling that I apply to all beings. While I don’t greet my horses with “namaste” aloud, it is a attitude of reverence that I “put on” when I approach any horse. It sets the tone for our time together and I am rewarded with a respect and trust from most equine partners that develops and grows as I continue to work to improve myself.

So, to all the horses in my life, “Namaste.” Thank you for nourishing my soul, for teaching me about myself, for sustaining me in times of darkness. I reverentially bow to the divine nature of your spirit, and extend my deepest gratitude to you for helping me to grow my light, love, and my own divinity.




2 thoughts on “To My Horse – Namaste

    • Thank you! I am knocking the rust off of my writing skills and am brand new to blogging, so I very much appreciate the positive feedback! I very much enjoyed your Equi Yogi post; looking forward to reading more on your page:) Its always nice to connect with like minded equestrians!


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