I am a dreamer.

I fill my head and my heart with grand plans and visions, and so I live my life. My life revolves around horses mostly – their care, training and competition. I am also an artist and love to create something beautiful with my hands and my heart. I spend the rest of my time and energy in fierce pursuit of enlightenment – through yoga, meditation, the law of attraction and the practice of LOVE!

Just months ago, I was a full-time professional, a licensed veterinary technician, treading water and trying not to drown in the swirling waters of the workforce. I would leave home in darkness and return in the same, and after 7 years of climbing the ladder of hierarchy at the vet clinic, I was done. I had worked as the only LVT at a busy mixed animal practice for too long, sacrificing my passions and sanity in the name of a paycheck. It was time to get back to my calling and take a leap of faith, so I gave my notice, served out the remainder of my sentence, and jumped enthusiastically into my new chosen career of Equine Sports Massage Therapist, Bead Artist & Business Owner, Horse Trainer & Head of Sales and Marketing, and Freelance Writer & Blogger!

While at times it is overwhelming to wear so many different hats, my days are now filled with the things I love. I can feel my soul begin to heal and my vibrations lifting me daily to embody the truest version of myself.

As I continue down this path, I look forward to sharing my journey with my readers. Here I will share my musings on the parallels between horse training and yoga, delve into different alternative equine therapies as I continue to explore them, and recount my experiences on the rodeo trail as I chase down my dreams. I hope my words will inspire and uplift you, and maybe even give you the push you have always needed to do the same. Much light and love to all!